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Wanted to draw these guys cartoony
Was practicing drawing cats and wings and naturally I made some cats with wings. Might put these guys up as adoptables if anyone is interested. 

For all furry army related questions head to furrymafia and ask. All answers relating to it will be answered there too. 

A gift for my friend nsfob

A gift for my friend nsfob


Playing with flash again. Based on a tiger gif and made it into larry-the-tiger
Used my OC Scruballz to practice some more facial expressions~ 
Drew a Houndoom at a drink & draw event

So I’ve made a new blog: Kao’s Furry Mafia that is also going to be run by larry-the-tiger  =v= 

Please go here for more furry army related questions. Larry will be taking in names for the army member list so let him know on that blog. 

Painting Landscapes Tips, hope this helps.

Other Kao Art Advice

Commission for Miss Rage and bf. 


Today me and thekao wore the same outfit out and we look sorta like we’re in a cult

A Renaissance portrait commission for my sister’s bf birthday gift. 

Some old commissioned MixTape covers I did.