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[Full Res Here]

This time I drew Jensen Ackles with a Gishwhes 2014 animal logo hat. :) 

watsfordiner said: *gaaasp* your red panda should totally dance to Hare Hare Yukai (Yes cause you're a good dancer)

Lol I’m actually not a big fan of that dance, but because this is my first dance request of someone wanting to see me dance I shall try my best~ xD;;

Now I need to make time to learn it and stuff..shouldn’t be too hard right? 

Another commission for Dai and his girl : ) 

Better resolution click here

Jared Padalecki from Supernatural with Misha’s GISHWHES animal logo on his head.

If you know where this is going you can probably guess who ill draw an elephant-octolegs on next.

Mondo Mango Style commission for Only Zhule

Full Picture here

Drew Misha Collin wearing this years GISHWHES animal logo as a hat.
Did this mainly for fun and practice. Lol the tentacles were fun. 

Flat color commission for Kevin of his OC Derrick Kaiser
My commission info

Results of a skype doodle session with Chrono, CK, Faros and Gibbs

Wrote the theme and time limit in the caption of each one if you are curious.

ah..haha;; ….. My Art commission info

How I spent my summer so far

Thank you everyone who helped make this happen! I am forever grateful.

Birthday card for a friend.

Commissioned headshot for Fluxiled
Hope you like!