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Another bundle of old asks.
In Panty & Stocking style.
Well I tried. 
Ck dared me.  

Finally painted my dragon sculpture from two years ago. 

I Illustrated another cover for Shintendo64 from T5

This is a track off of #PROJECT64 ”HILT [Produced by: Shonen Domo]
Raps by: Leyone Tracks| J.R.O.B.| [Shintendo64]

Old ass asksssss

watsfordiner asked: *poke* are you still alive? or commission being consume mostly of your time?

Ah yes I’m still alive just been..well yeah.. busy with commissions, school work, and getting ready for Anime Central in Chicago. @u@ so much to do! 

I’ll be answering some really old asks shortly~


Animation dedicated to my eldest sister and mothers alike.

Bringing this back because Today is my sister’s birthday. Happy birthday :)

And here I drew/designed a post apocalyptic stag character for no apparent reason. 
Full color commission for Charles Y. 
My commission info


Vagabond Maurice (by thekao)

Aye, look, it’s me! #NinjaRaps

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A chibi I did for another friend~

Drew Matt Pichette's cool Shark dude as a chibi =v=

Drew Matt Pichette's cool Shark dude as a chibi =v=

New Mondo Mango: The Wonders of Science

New Mondo Mango: The Wonders of Science

An old Flat colored Commission I did for Picisoi. Click photo to be redirected to dA page where you can view in full. 
My Commission Info
Made more prints of my own and T5 stickers as requested